A poet, “thought journaller” and travel writer. Abi is currently somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean following an oceanic passion, trying to keep her feet grounded while her head is in the clouds.

Abi has a BA (hons) in English Literature from Aberystwth University. This sleepy seaside town sparked the imagination and drive behind writing and following the flow of the ocean.

Works include website copywriting, journalism, reviews and discussion articles, editorial/proofreading advice, alongside personal projects of poetry and narrative pieces. 

Abi uses writing as a practice to gain understanding and grounding in the mad world we live in. Through words and journaling you are able to delve into underlying thoughts and restraints without vocalising, something which is helpful when dealing with anxiety and understanding your own mental health.

Travel writing and exploration are at the centre of Abi’s literary passion. She has explored parts of Europe, Australia and Indonesia. She is currently working on a nostalgic poetry collection to move hearts and minds, as well as a series of island inspired children’s books.

For any travel advice, discussions on ramblings or writing services please feel free to contact Abi directly via email – [email protected]