The New Decade

As much as we may want to try, we can never pause time. The clock will continue to tick and the calendar’s will keep being renewed. As each year passes by we gain more stories to tell and hopefully more memories to treasure. But this isn’t just a new year coming… This is a New Decade. Let that sink in for a second.

I first began working on Words by Abi at the start of 2019. My first rambling was focused on the ideas of a New Year equating to a new start. In this I made it clear of no promises for regular sharing because I was aware I would not meet expectations. And I am glad I began this site with this promise to myself. A promise to not push myself.

Honestly I haven’t been sharing as much writing as I would have liked. I am sorry for that. However I have been writing. I have been writing a lot for me. Working on my own creative juices, curating my own book idea, as well as taking on some paid work. It’s been a good writing year all in all.

So here we are again. The start of of new year approaching. Time for reflection and goal setting and what not. But not only are we leaving 2019, but we are also moving into a new decade. I only realised this just the other day. If this doesn’t shake up your reality I don’t know what will.

I keep telling myself my own advice that I give to people…

“Try not to worry about the future. We can only make the decisions we make and these will be the right decisions. Because at the end of the day, this is all we have.”

But I have to admit there is something scary when it comes to the word DECADE.

*Let me give you some background context as to my current situation. As I write this I am sat on my balcony with a G&T waiting for the sunset to put on a show. This may be a critical part of my decade.*

For me the word “decade” brings to mind “history”. And the idea that we are living a history is a bit anxiety inducing to me. *Takes a sip of G&T*

But maybe it’s not so bad to be a part of history. I mean, everyone ends up in history… There is no need to be so scared of it. So let’s break it down, the last decade, before moving to the new.

We’ve seen the rise of social media. In this came so many problems, from cyber bullying in the early days of MySpace to a global peer pressure in Instagram. Societal expectations hit sky high with the dawn and craze of social media.

Alongside SM is the supplier of the drug – technology. 10 years ago smart phones were a luxury, now they are an everyday commodity. I’m about to sound a bit old, but kids nowadays won’t know the Age of The Nokia. How sad is that? iPads, watches that keep you constantly connected, virtual reality… Doesn’t this all seem a little too Sci-Fi to you?

Perhaps this last decade will be remembered for political unrest. Trump, BREXIT, British politics in general have all been something of history. Countless elections resulting in disappointment from the public. Is that our 2000-teens?

So much has happened between 2010 and 2019. But at the end of the day, for most of us, all that matters is what we have done. Our personal history. Seems a little less daunting when phrased like that… *Pours another G&T*

My last decade has been somewhat bitter sweet.

Everything has it’s up’s and down’s. Life in Bali has taught me this. Nothing can be quite perfect, because we are only human after all.

My last decade has been overwhelmingly filled with personal achievements: finishing school, learning to drive, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts, moving to the other side of the world, rescuing a dog, becoming an aunt… The list goes on.

It’s actually been an unbelievable past 10 years. I’ve lived in Bali for 3 years, lived in Australia for 1 year, lived in Wales for 3 years. That leaves only 3 years of actually being in my home country.

But it’s not all been rose gold-hued paradise after paradise. It’s been hard. Some of the hardest years of my life actually.

I’ve tackled depression, I’m still dancing with anxiety. I’ve loved, and I’ve lost. So much loss it’s left a hole in life itself. I’ve been sick. I’ve been homesick and maybe a small part of me always will be longing to be back. *Takes a big gulp of G&T*

I think the lesson I’ve learnt this last decade is life, the lesson that life is a continuous tango. A tango you can’t stop.

So what is to come in the next decade?

The reason why I am sharing all of this is in the hope that I can help someone. Often people reach out to me for advice. I never feel qualified enough, or wise enough, to be giving advice. All I can give is my personal experiences, my thoughts. I hope this is enough.

A classic, “New Year, new promises” phrase is about to spread around the world. Except this time it has more weight behind it. It’s a New Decade.

Don’t put the pressure on. Don’t conform to this expectation of needing to better yourself. Maybe you are doing just the best you can already. And finally, don’t fool yourself into thinking 2020 is going to be great. It’s another year for life’s up’s and down’s. So just go with it.

*Abi is always available for chatting, trying to give advice or simply just sipping on G&T’s. All advice is inspired by botanical brews and a little dashing of Cleo Wade*


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