It’s the start

So here it is. Words by Abi.
The start of something new.

I have been hesitant to start sharing my thoughts and ramblings again, for reasons that I am not too sure about. Perhaps my anxiety levels took a spike, or my settled placement in Bali gave a halt to my drive, influence and inspiration. For this, I do apologise to my readers from before – I did kind of go off the grid for a while with no warning.

My beginning thoughts on this new online space kindled around about the turn into 2019. However, I was aware of the enormous cliché… “NEW YEAR, NEW ME”

Therefore, I chose to actually take my time with this project; I wanted to put more thought in, have more meaning behind my words and create a sense of ownership and pride for my work. Four months later and many screwed up papers in the bin, here I have it. It’s the start of Words by Abi.

I make no promises with this blog. I cannot guarantee greatness, or consistency, compliance’s or correctness. In other words I may cause some offence or bore some of you. But, this is my project and my space.
I am writing for me.


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