Copywriting –

Copy is an essential part of any business with a digital profile. This written content aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a call to action while also increasing your activity for search engines.

Not only will you get a good copy, but also an SEO focus on all writing intended for online use.

I hold a strong background in personal blogging, regular travel content creation, product descriptions, review articles, and in-depth SEO training.

SEO Writing –

Do you want to sink or swim? SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital in order to swim in the online world. It is important to keep a focus on your keywords and to learn what your customers are searching in order to find you. All of this going over your head? Need some help? I’m available.

Proofreading & Editorial –

Proofreading is necessary for every form of writing, be it a comparison article, a review, or even a text to your mother! Don’t fall short of success by making rookie mistakes.

Copywriting Process Package

  1. Assess search intent and research keywords
    Research, research, research. It’s all about research.
  2. Create a SERP-based outline
    Precise and competitive structures keep the content relevant.
  3. Calculate content length, keywords and phrases usage
    A fine balance for excellence.
  4. Writing and publication
    100% unique and relevant, with internal linking, meta tags, and captivating titles/headings.
  5. Auditing and optimisation (after 2-4 weeks)
    Online content is organic, evolving and performing. Tracking and tweaking are needed to stay in top form.

Contact me to chat about how we can work together and produce excellent content with a strong SEO focus for your business.