The Lido by Libby Page | The Importance of Outdoor Swimming

The Lido by Libby Page is a wonderful book that I stumbled across. Two unlikely characters find their lives intertwined all thanks to a lido in Brixton, London. Their mutual need for this outdoor watery space is the centre of this novel. Before you know it, you are frantically turning pages to find out what happens. For anyone who loves being submerged in water, this is a book for you!

A brief synopsis of The Lido…

The local lido in Brixton is facing closure. Two very different women come together in an attempt to save it. Throughout their events and rallies, friendship blossoms as each discover more about themselves. This novel is uplifting in its portrayal of community, friendship, and how much ordinary people can achieve.

Rosemary has been swimming in this pool since the war. The lido has always been in her life and is home to many important memories. Now, at age 86, her pool is going to be sold to property developers.

Kate, fresh-faced and dealing with her own demons at age 26, is the journalist set to cover the story of the closure. However, as she gets personally immersed in the cool water, she soon learns the importance of Rosemary’s favourite place.

Get whisked away in this incredibly realistic story. As the world is evolving, and our spaces are changing, this narrative symbolises much more than simply lido.

“…ever trusting that the water will greet them with a smile and that their bodies will respond and know what to do once they are submerged.”

The Lido, by Libby Page

Outdoor swimming and wild waters.

I personally felt very connected to this book. My grandmother shares my addiction to water and found a comforting place in her local pool. Recently, due to the global situation, she has been unable to swim. Something we all take for granted when we have access to it. Swimming.

While reading The Lido, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to my grandmother and myself. The importance of swimming, in my life, is monumental. Having the weight physically taken off you, being supported by water – there is nothing more healing.

And then, you add another element. The outdoors. Swimming outdoors with the sky overhead and birds as an audience – it really doesn’t get much better. Whether its a lido, a lake, or an ocean. Outdoor swimming is simply magical.

After restrictions lift, I beg of you, get out there. Immerse yourself in some water. Feel what I love.

When the beaches in Bali reopened at this start of this month, I went to the ocean and floated on my back. It helps. Releasing the weight of the world and letting the water fill my ears, blocking out distractions in life. You don’t need to be elegant, or strong. The water will calm you regardless.

I am one of the lucky ones to have bath temperature tropical waters. But you know what, I often think about cold water. Cold water outdoor swimming gives you a whole new sense of euphoria.

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