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Everyone needs books in their lives. Books help us to escape our reality and go on adventures. Sometimes you just need a little help knowing what to choose with book reviews and literary recommendations…

I love getting book reviews from friends. When someone thinks a book may be good for me, it means that book made them think of me! It’s a sweet gesture and thought.

I never hide my love of books. My university degree, in a way, was an expensive book club for three years. I will always stand by my belief that books play an important role in our lives.

Books are history, they are knowledge, and they are gateways.

You should never judge a book by its cover. True. But it’s hard! I am a sucker for a beautiful eye-catching sleeve, or a simple and bold title to make a statement. However, take a book with a recommendation or from a review and that adds a new element to picking up a new text.

While I was growing up, I was that kid who would sneak a book into bed with a torch and read under the covers. A childhood spent in Middle Earth and The Shire definitely shaped my path. My parents probably knew what I was doing, but I guess there are worse things a kid can do.

Throughout my life books have been my go-to, my escape, and my medicine. And for this, I want to give back. I want to share my passion and help other people discover the same joy I get from reading.

Book recommendations and literary reviews from me

As you begin to read with me, you may notice I tend to go for a theme. I love to read other work from female writers. I have to admit, since leaving university I have mostly only read books by women.

My dissertation was centred on portrayals of women in war through literature. A few years after that enormous literary review, I have found myself being drawn back to this genre.

While these are my reviews and recommendations I am giving to you, I also love receiving reviews myself. If you have read a great book recently, shoot me a message and tell me about it. Nothing would bring me more joy than to discuss books with you!

I have a few all-time favourite writers that I follow closely. These extraordinary humans influence my own writing and inspire me to continue creating. Anything from Margaret Atwood is gold. And Cleo Wade, I have no words, just read her stuff.

Recent titles for you to get reading

These are a few of my most recent reads that may be of interest to you. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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